I am a short-sale processor and have been processing short-sales for over a 1 and half. In that time I have never had such incompetence and poor customer service ever with any other servicer before.

This company is NOT trained and has hired employees with NO knowledge on how do this job. The prior servicer was Chase and they almost had the approval for me but the loan was transferred to IBM, LBPS, LLC. I submitted the file to them on 8/13. They sent the file to the investor Fannie Mae INCORRECTLY as they can't do their job diligently.

They failed to look over the financials properly, therefore the file was submitted back to the investor (FM) incorrectly. When calling in to this servicer your placed on hold for WAY TOO LONG... some instances 1 hour and 1/h to 2 hours in just wait time. I can never be in touch with one person assigned.

They do not give out any contact #'s or extensions to the "negotiator" assigned to the file.

They ordered a BPO and the property was Vandalized most likely by their vendor because it was the same scheduled date & time of the BPO set date for evaluation of the break in. I after calling in 13 times I finally was able to speak with the negotiator assigned and spoke with him for 2 hours.

Still no reply and no new notes on the account NOTHING.

I'm done with this company and have filed a complaint with Fannie Mae & BBB & YOU! TAKE HEED!

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Hi, When you called LBPS did you wait the 72 hrs before trying again, or did you keep repeating the call until someone answered?



Does anyone have any idea as to how long the foreclosure process with these people take? I contacte them to request a loan Mod and they told me that I have to make more $$ so they can lower my payment, shouldn't it be the other way around?

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