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They purchased my mortagage a little over a year ago. In Feb., I mailed my mortgage payment to them on the 1st or 2nd of the month.

When my check hadn't cleared by the 10th I contacted as I didn't want a late payment. I was just told to wait longer. Finally was advised by a rep to place a stop payment. Since I've never been late, I asked for no return check fee, which I was promised.

I stopped payment and made a second payment that month, online. The day after the grace period, my original check was depoisted, and I of course received a return check fee. I've spent two weeks trying to get this waived, and the "managers" tell me they even don't have $20 authorization level. It has to go to a Senior VP.

Still no resolution.

Not about the money now, it's about a company providing customers with some level of dignity and respect.

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