I cannot explain how mad I am that my citimortgage got sold to LBPS. Their fee's are out of this world.

Their customer service is incompetent. I made an online pmt that got charged for when I was specifically told by their customer service rep that any and all fees would not apply for the 1st 90days. I've called multiple times to get a refund. Each time I spend prob 30mins.

But i'm not going to let this go...they can choose to waste their companies time because i'm just going to continue calling until they own up to what they said. I'm currently exploring ways to get my mortgage away from this company.

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You have to pay a fee when you make a payment, you probably didn't listen and misunderstood them. The thing that does not apply for the 1st 90 days is LATE fees. But they still can charge them potentially because that is not an excuse to be late on your mortgage.

Canon City, Colorado, United States #241423

omg me too

hate them

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