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As a real estate agent, I submitted a short sale request to LBPS 2 weeks ago for approval. This loan was with Chase.

There is no way to call anyone there. The "message box" for Peggy Sault who is supposed to be processing my package is always full. After reading all the complaints on this website, I suspect LBPS just wants to foreclose. Does anyone know how to reach Fannie Mae if all these loans are actually theirs?

I would think they would care about this mess with LBPS. It seems that Bank of American is also selling their loans to LBPS. Why is this? Why is Chase and B Of A selling their loans to LBPS if LBPS is so terrible?

I guess they don't care.

The loans are now off their backs. Maybe it makes their bottom line look better to the gov't??

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Feira De Santana, Bahia, Brazil #201264

FYI, Chase & BOA don't "sell" loans. It is Fannie Mae's decesion on who "service" the loans. Therefore; Fannie Mae is the one who decided to send the loan to LBPS.

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