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When LBPS changed its name to seterus, I have no longer been able to access the website because according to the website my loan number does not exist, yet it appears on my monthly statement. This company really SUCKS with limited connections to live people and a very flakey website.

I do not believe that they properly credited all of my payments when they told over from Chase. I was ahead by at least two months but now payments are due every month.

Have not yet been able to connect with someone competent enough to get to the bottom of my issues. If this is mortage company, look out.

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my mortgage was sold by citi bank to lbps seterus and the worst nightmare ever started. i could not log on in the internet stating my loan does not exist.

tried to call them and was put on hold more than 45 min.

before i could speak to a person.i would just want to know where to send the tax bills of the house and no body knows the answer.---and this is after the person asked me several questions and identifications . she does not know the answer.


My wife contacted Seterus on Monday about our 1099 for for our taxes and we found out that the person we spoke to was uneducated, uniformed had no idea what we were talking about even after we explained that our home was foreclosed on and we needed this for our taxes. his first question to us was are you still living in the house......

excuse me but what part of foreclosed on did you not understand, so after being on hold for 30 minutes and another rough 20 minutes trying to explain to him what we needed, he finally told us he would send it to us and we would have it within 3 - 5 business days. After 5 days and no form we called again and this time we got even a less experienced person who told us the 100% oppisite of what the first persone tolds us.....people if your reading this DO NOT DO BUSINESS with this company, my small kids are smarter then these people running this company....I can't believe they are working with all your hard earned money....all I can say to you all is " Good Luck"


I'm concerned that the lack of professionalism on the part of Seterus will have a negative impact on my credit score. I wish some other company was servicing our loan.


I am agreed with other one another customer that you can not login. seterus telling you something ,which you can go through. always layng.


i had been working with many lenders about my loan, but this is the worse mortgage co. I ever have seen.


im having the same thing ive been paying my mortage every month but now seterus is saying that i owe money this shouldnt bee happening


Absolute joke. Account was transferred in good standing yet they said I owed $360 in past due fees for an inspection from 11 months earlier.

Then statements stopped arriving. I mailed a payment and they said they never got it. Now every month when I try to log into the website to make a payment it says invalid password despite it being used the previous month. I called to complain and woman says she'll email me a temporary password because this is a common problem with the website.

Email arrives 3 days later and temp password already expired! Call again and new girl says she's never heard of website problems and is surprised I'm having issues. Yeah Right! Says she'll sent an email...still waiting 2 days...This POS company needs to be brought down by the Attorney General.

They are purposely trying to get people in default.

Remember, they are a Servicer not a Lender. They profit if you foreclose!


We "must" report SETERUS!!!

I had my loan transfered over from First Horizon- it is a 10 year loan, and the balance is minimal...have less than a year to pay off the mortgage.

NOW, I've experienced the same problems as all of you. Cannot sign in...ever! Have to make that dreaded phone call every month. No one @ Seterus seem to care! I've sent them extra $ to apply towards principal...and, YES, you guessed it - it wasn't applied (it is in suspense), whatever that means. All I know is that they got the $!!!! I requested an email confirmation...never sent! Call and requested a letter...never sent!!!

I'm so frustrated and @ the same time very cautious; to the point of not trusting this company and filing a formal complaint.

In a nutshell...CAVEAT!

Maria Emilia


My loans been with First Horizon and then to Metlife and now with LBPS/Seterus. I wondering why all this mortgage loans are been redirected Seterus.

My mortgage payments been going up slowly from 849.50 to now 901.34. Thinking on remodifying the loan but hope they (Seterus) help ASAP.


Chase sold my mortgage to these clowns. I got the notice in the mail that it was changing.

Then I get my first statement from LBPS and it has late fees on it, never been late on a payment ever, and they got me with late fees on my very first statement. *!*@#*#*$*$%*&* Completely useless trying to talk to anyone from this company on the phone. There website wont let you log in. Every time they call they want to confirm your phone numbers and address and want to know if you live in the property????

Then they change the name, Woopdedoo same old S@#T. Tonight I try and log into the website and it says my password is old and needs to be changed????? Why???? This is not a bank account, no one is going to take money out on my mortgage????

Are they afraid someone will make a payment for me without me knowing, steal my password and make a random payment????? Now I'm locked out of my account and of course I need to call them on the phone. No one is there I have to call during business hours????? ARRRRRRGH!!!!!!!!!

I am so done with this company!!!!!!!!!! I will refinance this loan at any cost, I don't care what it takes I will not deal with these fools anymore.


I call myself this because Seterus makes my wife and I feel like exactly that. After reading over 100 of these comments, I can see I'm not the only one who has had all of this done to me.

Overdrafts that they put back through several times to siphon my account dry, holding payments until after the late date to get late charges, and my favorite was when they tried to charge us for extra insurance policies up to $900 per month until I sent proof that my house was not worth 10 million dollars like they said it was. I have no choice but to let them have my house and walk away. This is what they do by design. They go through all of the cracks and loopholes in the system for one purpose, to take our homes away.

We can't boycott this company because where would we live? If there was some way of getting together to challenge them, let me know.


This is extremely concerning.

Unfortunately my loan was sold to them from BOA. What the ***? BOA of course had no reason why they sold it. This Seterus comapny's reputation is horrific. Over 300 complaints with the BBB.

Oh my God, I am going to lose my home.


its bad enough that you cannot log on then to have to pay a fee to make your payment?? RIDICULOUS!!!!!

so discussed. :(

#366867 website is useless


I had my monthly payment scheduled through BofA and had 1 week noticed that my BofA loan was sold to Seterus. So I manually had to write a check because of the same issue as others...the Seterus website does not recognize my account number (it is not BoA's account number - it is Seterus's account number - how *** it can't recognize its own number!!)


will a real human being from seterus contact me regarding my mortgage

508 341 9204


Had Surgury recently&went to pay by phone,not seeing I had already paid.I got them to Reverse it.But I will not get a Confirmation letter,told me to go to Website.Can't sign on.I'm sure they will want more money.not a Mortgage Company,a Collection Agency.No better than Chase.


You can't get into Bank of America's website, You can't get into Seterus's website! *** how do you get information. Just another way to charge more fee's late or other wise :(


Im very mad...Seterus approved me for a direct modification on 9-1-11 gave me a confirmation number, interest rates, etc. When i called back on 9-21-11, to see if everything was still good, they told me that, the modification had to be reviewed again, cause my interest rates was not right i'm starting all over again


:) i was not able to get onto the website, so i called customer service they were most helpful and i was on hold for under a minutes. not sure why noone can get get through to customer service. thank you Seterus for working with me and my husband to keep my home.

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