Why did Chase sell my loan to this horrid servicer? what a way to wreck your banking business.

I have never missed a payment, but was trying to modify my loan to a fixed rate because it will soon adjust and I was unemployed for a short period. Since I am upside down, I can't do a traditional refi. After doing loads and loads of paperwork and going through a long drawn out process, they offered a ridiculous temporary reduction of payment that forces you to become delinquent. I did not accept the offer and did not sign anything agreeing to it and continued to make payments as usual and guess what?

Low and behold, I did a credit check and they are reporting me on the credit bureaus as being in a modification/work out. I have never been late! I tried to correct this with the CS dept after being on extremely long holds. They said that I have to put in my request in writing which I did over a month ago.

I am on hold again with them now.

I am thinking about suing.

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I recently read some information that there are companies out there that handle forclosures for the banks so that banks don't have to get their hands dirty. They are called forclosure mills.

Sound familiar??

Could Seterus be a foreclosure mill? I know what I think about it.


Would like to join a class action lawsuit.

Chase handed over my loan even though I have never been late or requested a loan modification.

Any loan that is upside down they got rid of.

There is no honourable mortgage company.

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