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This is not good! I am really gullible and all the time LBPS has told me they were working on things, I believed them.

I paid double what I needed to into escrow for taxes last year and have been trying to get it back...to no avail. On top of that, they raised my mortgage payment for this year.

I am going to start writing some letters to see if I can get some help. If anyone got anywhere with these guys and you know how to do it, please advise.

The sad thing is, is this is suppose to be a dvision of IBM??? Thank you!

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It took me over 3 months to get my money back.In fact I just got my $1500 today! I called every other day for months.

Being lied to over and over.Being told "it is being reviewed", or "try faxing your request" or "send it in writing" or "I just don't see where that request was made"-- blah blah blah! Depending on what state you live in there are very specific laws as to how much "surplus" they can have in your escrow account and anything over $50 must be refunded to you. By law they must do a review once a year and send you a copy of it and the findings. That is the only reason I finally got my money back.

The state I live in mandates every January all accounts must be reviewed and customs notified of the results.

They would have never given it back other wise. THEY ARE CROOKS!!!!

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