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After we were told that we were promoted to a rehabilitation program, Chase transferred our loan to LBPS without notice.We we told by LBPSs to pay the outstanding back payments within 15 days or they would begin foreclosing process.

Chase and other lenders are selling our mortgages after we apply for a loan modification and should held accountable. Instead of posting our comments we should join forces and petition the lenders to honor our modification agreement.

These lenders have been bailed out and all we want is for these lenders to pass this good faith unto the borrowers.HELP!

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:upset Everyone might look into a "forensic loan audit".My wife and I are in similiar situations and this might be our last shot.

Basicly an audit of your mortgage from beginning to end to find any fraud or mistakes that have been made along the way.With so many question marks out there, I bet there are a few.


after my loan was taken over by LBPS from the dreaded BAC I really began to wonder if they know anything at all about my mortgage..I tried to make a payment for a month only to be told they didn't have any paper work on my loan at that time..duh! They want me to pay on time and I am not even sure if they know where to post the payment. these guys are idiots



I just refinanced my home AWAY from LBPS. THANK GOD! Ever since my loan was bought and/or serviced by them back in May 2010 - they have been nothing but trouble and LBPS continues to do so. Divorced years ago but was awarded the house in the divorce. My former mortgage co.knew this and after providing them with the legal stuff. They would address all mail to me, although my ex was still on the mortgage. I tried and Tried and TRIED javascript:ac_smilie(':(')to get these people to do the same. I am an accountant and KNOW that the only way to remove my ex's name from the mortgage is to refinance, but I WASN'T asking them to do this. ALL I wanted was for them to address the MAIL to me,as my ex lives out of the country & mail was being forwarded to him. After faxing & mailing 30 pages of legal stuff, I had to finally have all mail sent to my office so that my mail would not get forwarded to my ex. My mortgage is due on the 6th of the month. I pay by ACH. Sept 6th was Labor day, and on the 7th - LBPS is calling and THREATENING ME that my mortgage is past due! I told them impossible as all other ACH payments go through to them on time. She looked it up and agreed that they called me in error, the ACH went through on the 7th (as we spoke), but the second those words came out of her mouth - she was chastising me again for the payment...

IF YOU HAVE YOUR MORTGAGE WITH THEM - RUN DON'T WALK TO GET YOUR MORTGAGE REFINANCED AWAY FROM THEM. OH and BTW these idiots NEVER reported my payments or account on my credit history. (?) INCOMPETENT IDIOTS ! ! !

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My loan was with Bank Of America and I was trying to get a modification, but after 8 month's of them having lost my paperwork more than 10 times my patience was wearing thin.I decided to give NACA a try.After 5 days of waiting (yes 5 days sleeping in a chair without a shower lol not the way I had envisioned me meeting with my Banker) I finally saw Bank Of America that told me that they had sold my loan to LBPS (didnt even bother to send out a letter to let me know).I went to see LBPS at the same NACA convention and they told me that they were not able to help me on the spot as Bank Of America had not transfered my paperwork yet, but promised me that I would hear from them within 3 days.Needless to say they didn't call and that's when the long painful procedure with them started.On the 4th day I called them and they told me what paperwork to send in as I now had to start the process ALL OVER. Well to cut a long story short.I started in June and they managed to loose my paperwork 3 times.Then I finally got a letter stating that I was turned down for a modification loan as I didn't send in my first modification payment...WHAT!!! I dont have a modification payment I'm trying to get one.I was getting extremely frustrated with them as everytime I was calling the same thing as I see a lot of other people have said I was either on hold for hours(ones I waited 5 hours before I hung up)still no one answered, or got a full voicemail.FINALLY I got SO mad that I emailed 3 different...

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:cry'im in the same boat , so where do we seek help!!!! who would take our case????


I am in the same boat as you.MY loan was with chase,I was in the middle of a loan modification and then chase turned around and passed my loan onto lbps.Lbps has since asked for everything again,every fax,paper,fact that has already been sent to my file with chase.

They have now told me I don't qualify for a modification,but cna do the making a home affordable program for 4 months and then reevaluate for a modification after. Try calling them every day but I am left on hold for 25 min.,52 min, and 45 min.

then it goes to a voice mail which will no longer accept messages.So far I am not happy with this new mortgage company.

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