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My loan was sold to IBM-LBPS a year ago. In the last 6 mos I send payments using certified mail and take photos of the checks with cover letter.

Payments are received in timeby LBPS and even clear my bank timely. Four lates, even if wrongfully done, make you ineligible for refi and credit rating dropped from 820 to under 700 in the past year. I've tried to get Attorney Generals, Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Trial Attorneys, Class action Attorneys and elected Officials involved to no avail. FTC did prosecute Fairbanks Capital in 2003 (http://www.consumeraffairs.com/news03/fairbanks_settles.html.

If that isn't enough insight, ask title company that worked with Wilshire on how they frauded people at closing time. 900 employees and managers of Wilshire are now LBPS employees that will soon be called Seterus (http://www.yestoshortsales.com/_blog/Short_Sale_Blog/post/IBM_to_Rebrand_Their_Mortgage_Servicing_Division_as_Seterus/)

I'd (finerogue@yahoo.com) would like to put together a class action if anyone is interested.

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This *** company has been doing the same thing to me since my loan was transferred to them last year. I keep getting late charges but I electronically mail payments to them a week ahead of time every month.

For the last few months they call every day, twice a day (morning and night) and weekends from 1-866-570-5277 harassing me for unknown reasons because they never leave messages saying what they want. So I always ignore and never call back. The one time I did answer because a phone number actually did show up on my caller ID- (503-270-4004).The guy representing them said that I had a shortage in my Impound account of $46.00 and they needed to collect this from me.

After a short conversation with this guy, in which most of it was checking records on the computer while I waited, I became so mad that I told the guy that I received no notices of adjustments from them and if they wanted they could foreclose on the house that I was very upside down on and hung up on him. I plan on filing a complaint with whoever will listen because this is just ridiculous and unscrupulous business practices.

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